Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yesterday was first time.....

..... Maude and Sophia came out of the with the rest of the gang for breakfast! Since May 18th I have been feeding them in the coop because of the fighting. I put their food in a separate dish and all was fine until Laverne wanted their food. (it's all the same). Well, at least it's a good start. Finally.

After breakfast,Charlie, Laverne and Shirley go out in the yard for most of the day. M & S stay in the pen and the run.

They wander all over and look for bugs. They love crickets and will squabble with each other to win the prize. The only thing they refuse to eat are the gypsy moth caterpillars - I guess they have a bitter taste to them.

Maude and Sophia enjoying a peaceful day:

Charlie, L & S hanging out in the shade.

I keep fresh water under the deck for them in case they get thirsty.

My rooster wind chimes.

What other kind would I ever possibly have?