Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Take a little tour

If you've read my little blog long enough, you know that I love old buildings, especially the ones made of stone and brick.

Hubby and I don't travel anymore so I spend a lot of time on Google Earth visiting different places.

The pics below are buildings in NYC.

The best place to find the old ones are on the side streets.

Of course the banks were the most grandiose!

So many treasures to see if people would only look up from their smartphones!

These must go back to the 1800's:

Note that all the windows did open and were quite tall to let the breezes in during the summer.

The details made in the stone make each one so unique.

There is a certain by-gone charm and craftsmanship to them that modern buildings will never have.


  1. Interesting selection of neat buildings. Magnificent stonework.

    1. You should see what I found in Chicago....!

  2. There is a certain point where buildings lost character.

    1. Nothing but cinder blocks, steel and glass - buildings have no pizzazz anymore. They just get taller.