Friday, June 26, 2015

Garden update

All the rain we have been getting is really making the garden grow! Potatoes are perfect for growing in cinder blocks. All the excess water drains right out of the bottom.

 The peppers are doing good, too!

 So tempted to pick some of these and fry them with butter and fresh garlic:

 Shirley comes over to see what I am doing:

This year the corn is growing well. We hould have planted more .

Charlie, Laverne and Shirley:

 The flies are horrible this year - this is three days worth. I've been tearing fresh basil leaves up and placing them in the pen and run. It seems to help but I don't know why it works.

 Maude and Sophia enjoying exploring the run. Later this summer I'll let them out in the yard.

We are supposed to get rain for the next couple of days. That means ALL of the chickens will be together ALL of the time. Should be fun - 'ya think??? 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks cw! Now I'm sorry we didn't plant as many as last year!

  2. Just a tiny critique of the corn row: Plant it in a square, not in a row (unless there are multiple rows. It won't polliate very well, thus giving you sparse cobs. However, you can pollinate it yourself with a plastic bag.

    Squares. Also helps it withstand wind damage.

    Fair Winds, Following Seas and a Safe Port,

    Cap'n Jan

    1. Thank you for the tip, Cap'n Jan! We can always use all the help and advice we can get!! Will definitely do that for next year for our first try at "eating" corn (which we are eager to do!). This was just planted for using as fall decorations for the house, barn and coop. Fresh corn is just about given away here in the fall, but corn stalks are expensive to buy. Every farmer's cart sells them - and they go like hot cakes! (Hmmm - maybe I should sell some, too?) :o)