Monday, October 14, 2019

Having a bad day and....

......... need some cheering up?  

Then put your feet up and watch! You WILL be smiling again!


Today's funny :o)

I do the same thing for ice cream!!!


Benji and the ladies....

Something has happened to Benji - he is no longer afraid of being with the girls!
(except for Wilma)

Benji with Louise. She would chase him all over the place - now she lets him peck on her!  LOL!!!

Benji checking out one of the girls - he thinks he is soooo cool!

He got frisky with one of the new girls too, but he fell off - wish I had the camera with me!!


Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Night Steam

Nothing to say....just watch!


Today's funny :o)

A big H/T to BW!


Benji and the girls

He IS getting better standing up to the girls, but sometimes Benji is such a poopy-pants!

Every day he gets bolder and bolder around them. I keep his cage inside the pen but he doesn't go in it much. Wilma likes to take her afternoon nap in there!

Hopefully by the time Winter gets here, all will be peaceful in Coopville again!


Roses blooming in October ... yay!!!