Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Need a new road?

Just call these guys!

Mesmerizing aerial footage captures the sight of a road crew laying asphalt on a dirt road in Western Australia

(Video by: Rahul Kumar)


Today's funny :o)

H/T to Wild River!  :o)

Damn deer and other stuff

Charlie trying to lure the girls into his love nest.....

I chased him out of there... Just look at how he is giving me the evil eye!!!!!!!

Boy, WAS he  angry  pissed - he stomped off in a huff!  LOL!

A pretty fern:

Cucumber flowers:

The dogwood leaves are turning color already:

Just a pretty cloud:


Monday, August 14, 2017

Springing into action!!!


 A big H/T to Terry for sending me the video - he knows I just love this stuff!

(and kudos to the setup  machinist)!


Today's funny :o)

State Fair!

Hubby and I went to the State Fair yesterday. Seniors are always admitted free on the last day!

The day was absolutely perfect!

It's only a 10 minute ride from Coopville and there was plenty of parking when we arrived at 10AM:

The rides were just getting set up for the day:

There were no crowds yet and it was easy to walk around ( but that didn't last!) 

An antique peanut roasting machine:

Lots and lots of old machines:

Kids could practice "milking" this cow - when they pulled on the utters, it mooed!

So true......


This was cute - push a button and the chickens would sing:

Unfortunately, most of the livestock went home Saturday night.  :o(

Real, live feather dusters:

A steam train - made by hand:

Beautiful quilts:

Starting to get crowded:

A cute kiddie ride:

Trick riding:

We spent three hours walking around and visiting all the exhibits. And we had a good time, too!