Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday Night Steam

Restoring a steam powered dragsaw!

A dragsaw or Drag saw is a large reciprocating saw using a long steel crosscut saw to buck logs to length. Prior to the popularization of the chainsaw during World War II , the dragsaw was a popular means of taking the hard work out of cutting wood.


Today's funny :o)


Sweet, sweet....

...... adorable  Sweet-pea:

She still hides in the coop.  :o(

Getting her some fresh air. Sitting on my lap at the picnic table:

Such a cute face!

This is the one that goes after her all the time:

She would sit there all day with me!

Hopefully by next week she'll be able to join the rest of the flock again!


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Still bloody cold here!!!



Yesterday it was still cold out - Where oh where did that January thaw go to ??????

It was a beautiful morning though.....

Sweet-pea still won't come out of the coop on her own - I have to go get her and bring her out....

I think today I will lock her out of the coop so she can stay in the pen with the others. She has got to get along - I'm getting tired of all the running back and forth to the coop just to keep an eye on her. Most of her feathers have grown back now and I think she just likes being spoiled!

Chickens are not a s dumb as some people think they are! LOL!

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Stuff you never thing about

Ballet shoes!

27 minutes long, but well worth your time - I found it fascinating!

I've only been to one performance (The Nutcracker) and just loved it - wish I 
could have gone to more performances!

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