Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A rooster by any other name is still.....

Yesterday morning I let chickens out as usual. Charlie, L & S ran out the coop first. Maude and Sophia are still fed inside in the morning. (because of the fights)

Went back about an hour later to let the gang in the run and put M & S in the pen.

Laverne and Shirley were still eating, but I heard strange noises coming from the coop. I opened the door. The noise was from the first nest box.

 It was Charlie!!!!! Sounding just like a hen laying an egg!!!!

 He used to build a nest in the corner for L & S, but hasn't done it since Maude and Sophia came.

 M & S  were in the coop with hm at the time.

 Maybe he is showing them where he wants them to lay their eggs?

Gosh, I sure do hope so - don't want to change is name to Caitlyn....


  1. LOLOLOL!!!
    - BarbaCat

  2. I broke up when I saw your last line. LOLOL

    1. I really wonder about Charlie sometimes.......

  3. Giggle snort!!!

    Watchout! The PC police are everywhere!!

    1. I know. The precious little snowflakes might get their feelings hurt.... sigh....... It's just so darn hard to be special in today's world......