Monday, June 1, 2015

The weekend

We were supposed to get a lot of much needed rain yesterday. This is what we had in the morning:

(might have to turn the volume up)

That was about 6 AM - it stopped right after that. It got really hot and humid in the afternoon and we turned the A/C on. Two hours later it looked like we were going to get one heck of a storm! The temp dropped  more than 25 degrees down into the 50's. (We turned the A/C off) No rain. But very windy. It seems all the storms split up and go around us.
Maybe one of these days the weatherman will get it right! I'm writing this at 8PM Sunday night - still a chance for rain overnight. We really, really need it.

Anyhooo, here are some pics: from over the weekend:

The peonies are starting to open:

 This stem has four buds on it!

Maude and Sophia -still have to keep them separated from the others during the day.

 Laverne - with a good pic of Charlie's tail:

Shirley - going to change her name to Lazy Shirley because she is always taking naps.

King of the coop: Charlie

 I can't pick him up, but he always wants to be hand fed!

Interesting looking mushrooms growing out of a tree stump:

I now can hear some thunder East of us - 'hope it comes our way and brings some rain .....

UPDATE at 9:30pm:
Having thunderstorms and it's raining!!! 


  1. I love peonies. So pretty.

    1. As Hubby clears more land of the brush and weeds, I am finding them all over! Such a nice surprise when they pop up in different places! :o)

  2. Love the peonies....glad you got some rain!!!

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    1. We really needed it - I don't even mind the mud for a change and the rain barrels are full!