Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lost pics

Found the pics that were take with this camera. Still looking for the ones taken with the Sanyo and the Cannon cameras. They are hiding somewhere inside the laptop. All the pictures and videos are supposed to go into the "Play Memories Photo Album". That's the program that came with this Sony camera. It did have ALL my photos transferred to it, but now.....

Will look in the hidden files over the weekend.

Anyway, Hubby and I ran some errands and then went to vote. Not many people showed up - we were # 36 & 37. Hey people, it's important!

On the way back we noticed the farm that always had the auctions is up for sale:

 His elderly mother must have passed away. That's the nice woman I gave Goldie to a few years ago. I guess he will be selling all his livestock, too. Sad, very sad.

 Also passed a house with a bunch of vultures sitting on the roof.

Guess they were on the lookout for those darn flat possums we have around here......


  1. Sad news about the neighbor ....Goldie would be the "golden one" correct the aggressive rooster you had to get rid of ? That's just creepy all those vultures :/

    1. Always sorry to see a farmer leave the area. It's such a hard life here and now that his Mom is gone there is no reason to stay. He can't run the place all by himself. Yest Goldie went to live with her. I saw him for a while then he was gone. He probably went into the soup pot! Vultures are neat birds. I love having them around. Funny looking on the ground, but oh, so beautiful when soaring in the sky!