Monday, June 22, 2015

Laverne can stay.....

.... for now. She has been my biggest problem with Maude and Sophia. Every time Charlie would get frisky with them, Laverne would attack them and gouge out big holes in their heads while they were down. I was afraid she was going to kill them. Yesterday was the first day that didn't happen. Laverne seems to be  less vicious as the days go by. M & S are allowed in the run, but Laverne still chases them around if they get too close to her.

They are very scared of her unless Charlie is around. He bit Laverne when she went after Sophia.
Maude is a little braver - she'll steal a treat from Laverne and run and hide behind me.

All together in the pen - M & S are behind the stump. Charlie must be getting tired of trying to control all his girls. He's the first one to go in the coop at night.

 Laverne and Shirley taking a break:

 It was hot yesterday before the rains came. Laverne has her wings out to cool off.
 Shirley is just preening her feathers,

I know a pecking order has to be established, but this is really wearing me out!


  1. When my hens get warm, I run the hose in a low place with cool water and they pad around and cool their feet off....this will make them cooler. They love it when they see the hose come on. I have 18 hens.
    Carolyn Lee
    Decatur, Texas

    1. That's a good idea and thanks for the tip - I sure can use them! Don't know how you do it with 18 chickens - I'm tired just taking care of five. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :o)

    2. I don't do anything but feed, collect eggs, keep the fans running in the barn and flood their puddle. My rooster takes care of them. He watches them in the yard, calls them into the barn to eat and to roost at night and wakes them up in the morning. He is a wonderful rooster! I just added 5 Rhode Island Red hens about 3 months old that I raised from baby chicks into the group. No fighting....just learning that the older hens rule! Mr. Rooster is getting to know them but won't mount them until around November. I just love reading about your group of chickens.
      Decatur, Texas

    3. Raising baby chickens are a lot of fun! Charlie hatched right in my hand. I had trouble introducing Laverne and Shirley to my first flock. I had to give away several roosters and some hens that just didn't get along at all. There was no nasty fighting among the gang today - maybe they will just tolerate each other and that's OK with me! When Charlie is happy, I am happy! :o)