Thursday, June 4, 2015

This routine is....

 ......getting to be the norm:

After their breakfast, I let the gang out in the yard: (Maude and Sophia are fed breakfast in the coop):

Charlie, Laverne and Shirley

Then M & S are locked in the pen for most of the day. When I'm busy in the house and can't stay outside and keep on "hawk watch", I put them all together. Then the fun begins! (not really)

M & S watching the gang coming into the pen

There is a big stump in the pen that I go and sit on. M & S jump in my lap and stay there until they are sure they won't get pecked. They are both real snugglers. If I'm lucky I don't have to change my jeans.

Back on the ground - they think it is safe

At least the fighting isn't as bad as it once was. Yesterday Charlie cornered Maude and put one of his feet on her back, held her down,  gave her two sharp pecks and let her go. In the meantime, Laverne went after Sophia. Putting them together goes on three or four times a day.

After dinner, I put the gang in the run and open the coop hatch door in case M & S want to go in. I let them wander in and out. When I see they want to bed down I go in the coop and place them on the roost bar. Later on I let the gang back in so they can go to sleep. If I am very, very lucky, they won't see them up there. Usually I'm not.

The normal set-up.... unless it's raining

Hopefully this arrangement will be over shortly. I really am getting tired of shuffling them around all day long. When we had rain for three days, I think that's when most of the fighting between them was done. Pretty soon Maude and Sophia will be bigger and stronger than the gang. That should be fun!


  1. Kinda like people, in a way. Some are smugglers, some are troublemakers.

    1. I hope they stay friendly - can't pick up Laverne and Shirley unless I catch them and they run a lot faster than I do!