Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Night Doo-Wop

The Diamonds!

Little Darlin'

Ah, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya
Little darling oh little darling
O-oh where a-are you?
My lover I was wronger
To try to love two
Ahh uha uha uha uha
Knowing well that my lover
Was just for you uh only you
My darling I need you
To call my own
And never do wrong
To hold in mine
Your little hand
I'll know too soon
That I'll so pray
Please hold my hand
My dear I was wronger


  1. I remember this one too. But that last part where you have it saying, "I'll know too soon that I'll so pray..." - I remember it saying "I'll know too soon that all is so grand...please hold my hand." This YouTube clip says it this way too. The radio stations played the wheels off this record back then, and we all sang along every time we heard it.

    I love how you posts these Doo-Wap memories!
    Love your adventures with your new hens too.
    - BarbaCat

    1. You are right - I'm wrong - Guess I should have turned the volume up a wee bit! LOL! Glad you like the Doo-Wop sound as much as I do. There were always a bunch of guys singing on the high school steps back then. Laverne still bites the new hens. Can't wait until they get bigger than she is! :o)

  2. High School in the 60's...a whole 'nother world from what we have now.

    I've always wondered how the settlers introduced new chickens inherited from other folks who had to move on, or whatever, to their existing flocks. They'll fight until the pecking order gets worked out, and they can be so mean! When I had my 4 girls, my biggest worry was the cats. When the hens grew up tho, those cats didn't realize what could happen...all they knew was that they still wanted one. One day one of those cats managed to get into their yard, and those hens ganged up on him and pecked him silly! After I rescued him, he never wanted to even look at them again, and he must have told the others about what had happened to him, because they lost their interest after that too. Haaaaa!

    Maude and Sofia will hold their own soon now, especially now that they're laying. Your chicken adventures are a daily entertainment for me.
    - BarbaCat

    1. I really don't think there would be too much trouble if the flock was a lot larger - Charlie, Laverne and Shirley are spoiled rotten and they have been together for years. When I first bought L & S home, Ethel and Lucy acted the same way towards them. I'm a lot older now and crawling inside that coop to separate them is taking a toll on my poor back! Your cats are smart - chicken beaks can do a lot of damage!