Thursday, June 18, 2015

This is life in....

...... Coopville.     

  Every . Single . Day. For . A . Month 

Laverne attacked Maude again yesterday. The other day she cornered Maude in the coop and tore a big, deep hole in her head. There was blood everywhere. Laverne doesn't pick on Sophia too much - just Maude.

I was sitting on the stump in the pen giving them some treats when Laverne went after Maude. M & S ran behind me and I smacked Laverne in the butt with the empty zip-lock bag that held the treats. She went nuts and ran in the coop and started squawking and jumping around. Charlie went nuts when he heard Laverne. (Shirley was under the deck taking a dust bath).

Don't know what to do or how much longer this is going to go on. If Laverne doesn't straighten out, she will just have to go. I'm getting mighty, mighty tired of keeping them apart for most of the day.

There is no problem at night at all. It's quiet and they all seem to get along fine. I let the gang out first and feed M & S in the coop.  When they finish eating, they even go down the ramp and into the pen. All is fine until Laverne sees Maude. Then the fireworks start.

 I'll give her another few days to straighten out and get her act together - then I'm calling Colonel Sanders for some tips on ......


  1. Colonel Sanders...LOL!
    It's hard psyching yourself up to the task, but with a sharp hatchet, it's fast and, dare I say it, it looks quite painless.
    We buried the ones we had to dispatch.

    Guess it's part of being a Chickenmon. Kinda like the settlers did, only they ate theirs.
    - BarbaCat

    1. Laverne must have a sixth sense - there is not one peep out of them today. Even Charlie is quiet.
      Wouldn't use the axe - I just couldn't to that - would bring her in the woods and .22 her. It will be hard to do, though. I hope I don't have to.

  2. I hope you don't have to take that course.....I know it will be hard for you. :((

    1. I dread even the thought of it, Mamahen - I'll give them until Monday - then decide.