Monday, June 15, 2015


Have been getting mighty lucky these past few days:

Laverne's, Sophia's and Maude's.

Shirley stopped laying eggs a while ago.
So glad I don't have to go into town to buy eggs!

All five of them in the pen together and there were NO fights for at least ten minutes.
That stump is inside the pen and is my official spot unless they poop on it.

 Little Sophia is smart - she backed up against the stump to avoid Charlie.

Maude wasn't paying attention, so, you know what happened.........

The fights are getting less and less, but Laverne will always manage to get a few bites in.
M & S are still afraid and stay far away from her. She is reminds me a lot of Evil Ethel.


  1. Congratulations! Sometimes, it the little things that excite us. lol

    1. So true, Gorges - even if the eggs are tiny, they are still eggs! :o)