Monday, June 29, 2015

Pic dump time!

Oh, look-muddy water! Let's drink this instead of the nice clean water Chickenmom
 hauls out twice a day!

Looked out the window last week and saw Laverne just lying there with her eyes closed. I thought she was dead. She was sound asleep just sunning herself. Stupid chicken.......

Always seems like we have a lot of water here. Maybe I should get a couple of baby quackers??

It rained most of the weekend. Sunday was downright chilly!

With all the rain, the pen flooded and I had to keep putting dry hay down for them. Charlie, Laverne and Shirley were tired of getting their feet wet, so they spent a lot of time on the perch. Maude and Sophia have their own in the other corner but preferred to lay down on dry hay.

Today I have to clean all the smelly hay out and just hose the whole pen down. It's supposed to be nice and sunny, I sure hope so. Five chickens poop a hell of a lot.

Found this scented flypaper over in Tractor Supply. I go through a lot of the stuff.

I've never seen so many flies! With the horribly cold Winter and cool Spring I didn't think there would be a bug problem this year. I was wrong. Again.


  1. Funny boids. Hope it dries out for you today.

  2. Yea! That worked. Now to see if this works.

  3. OOPS. I put the wrong URL in the first comment. Just so happy things seem to be working again.

    1. Glad you got rid of the computer bugs - wish I could get rid of the flying kind!