Thursday, June 26, 2014

No eggs...

Haven't posted pictures of Charlie and the girls for a while:

Didn't get any eggs for two whole days. Don't know why. They have been pretty quiet mostly - even Charlie, but I'm sure they will make up for it! It's been getting more humid out and chickens don't like humidity. They can take the heat a lot better.

No matter what time I let them out in the morning 6:00,  6:30 or horrors, 7:00 am,  they go in the coop right before 8pm. Charlie goes in first, then calls for them. It's always in the same order: Lucy,  Laverne and then Shirley. It's still light out at that time, too. I've been letting them run around in the yard a lot more lately after supper; maybe they are tired. (or getting old!)

Ethel would always wait for a treat before she went in, even if it was dark out. I still miss her and her beady eyes.

I gotta get more hens......

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