Monday, June 23, 2014

Busy weekend

Had a busy weekend away from Coopville for a change!!

On Saturday we went to a local farm up the road and picked our own strawberries:

 Hubby and I gathered some beauties - now if he doesn't eat them all I can dehydrate some to enjoy this winter!

 It's a beautiful farm and they sell everything - produce, fruit, pies, jams, honey, homemade ice cream and beef. Costs a wee bit more than the grocery store, but worth it for the freshness.

 Went to another farm as they were having a barn sale.

 Didn't have anything I could use - not even canning jars. But the barn was great! You don't see anything built like this anymore.

 A peek inside the silo:

 It was so good to get out for a bit. We haven't been away on a vacation in five years. We knew that when we moved here, this place would be our year 'round vacation home. It's worth it. Most of the time....


  1. Glad you had a good weekend...The fresh berries look yummy n loved that old barn :))

    1. The strawberries are almost gone already - not enough left to drag the dehydrator out! That old barn was great - loved the wide plank floors.