Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicken combs

A comb is a fleshy growth on top of a chicken's head. In chickens, a healthy comb is almost
always red, although color can vary in other bird species, such as turkeys, and certain breeds, such as silkies which have bluish black combs. While both genders of chickens have combs, the comb is usually much larger on roosters than hens, thus it's alternate name, "cockscomb". Although comb shape can vary greatly, especially with crossbreeding, the most common variation is the single comb.

Did you know.......

Combs are used in cookery, often in combination with wattles or chicken kidneys.

Combs were formerly used in French cuisine as garnishes. They were also used to prepare salpicons  served in vol-au-vents, profiteroles, etc. in which they were often combined with other luxury ingredients such as truffles, sweetbread, or morels in a cream sauce.

In Italian cuisine, combs are an important ingredient in the famous sauce called Cibreo, which also includes chicken livers, wattles, and unlaid eggs. It is used as a sauce for tagliatelle and in the molded potato-ricotta ring Cimabella con cibreo 

Combs are prepared by parboiling and skinning, then cooking in court-bullion.  After preparation, they are greyish.

Rooster combs are often served in Chinese dim sum style dishes.

Really don't think I'd like to try any of the above.....


  1. I'll pass thank you though if they had been offered as a child I probably would have....I often nibbled on chicken feet,and my sibs n I fought over who got the gizzard lol.

    1. Haven't had chicken feet in years and years. They give soup that marvelous yellow color.