Friday, September 23, 2016


Did not put another roosting bar up for Wilma and Betty yesterday.  At night, I put Charlie and Maud in first and took out the coop waterer (so Wilma couldn't roost and poop all over it).

  Charlie went by the big door and Maude went by the hatch door. When I put W& B in, Charlie leaped from his spot, bit and chased them both out of the coop and into the pen. I gave the King a swat on his arse and he stormed back inside and sat next to Maude.

Put Wilma and Betty back in and they jumped up and roosted by the big door. Wilma hopped back down again looking for the waterer. No waterer - no can sit. She jumped back up next to Betty.

All was very quiet when I went back to the house! Will keep doing this from now on. When they get used to the arrangement, I'll take the cardboard down and then the dividers.

There are still squabbles over treat time, but B & W are learning to grab the treats and RUN!

In other Coopville news, Hubby finally dug that stump out and when he was pushing it,  a nice road was made!

 He finished it up yesterday and now I don't have to slip and slide across wet grass in the morning!
 (Plus, he'll have less grass to cut AND it will be easier to make a path to the coop when the snowblower comes out!)

Good job, Hubby!



  1. The things you do to keep your kids happy. They will settle in and stop doing pecking order thing when the get it that Betty and Wilma are there to stay.

    1. I go overboard sometimes, Granny. They better learn to get along soon - Winter is a-coming and they are going to need each other to keep warm!

  2. Amazing what a swift kick in the arse will do. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I'll savor it - probably won't happen again for a looong time! :o)