Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A foggy morning

Lots of fog yesterday morning - I kind of liked it. All you could hear were the birds 
(and Charlie's big mouth, of course)!

 It gently rolled through and then it was all gone as quickly as it came:

 It was just so pretty when the sun finally started to shine on the clouds:

 Charlie's neck feathers are really coming in nicely. Hopefully most of his scrawny neck will be covered this winter. This molt has been hard on him. He's cranky and nasty and pecks at the girls, even Maude.

 He wants everything for himself and doesn't want to share like he usually does:


 At night, he doesn't want anyone next to him. I took down one of the cardboard barriers so W& B can roost together. When Maude tried to get next to him, he bit her and she moved to the other side of the cardboard.

Maybe he's going through 'roosterpause' or something.
 I dunno..... he's a real pain in the arse....


  1. Poor old Charlie...peckin' at his hens. Needs a bit of hen-peckin' to get his feathers on straight.

    Love your roosting bar and partition tricks...burst out laughing!

    1. May post a new recipe: "Charlie's Homemade Chicken Soup" if he doesn't get his act together real soon. Glad the pizza box gave you a chuckle - I didn't have any plywood left! :o)

  2. Charlie's headed for the kitchen.

    1. He's come mighty close to it many, many times! :o)