Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's go for a ride!

Made a few local trips last week.... hop in and join us!

 The road to the right goes to the high school. On the left, the road to town:

Uh - oh ... Traffic:

Ducks by a pond: 

 A horse academy - less than a five minute walk from Coopville:

 More ducks:

 Just some cows (on the left):

All this land is for sale:

 Corn ready to be cut:

A quiet back road: 

 The DPW yard - stockpiling sand for the winter:

Just a barn: 

 Where we spend all our money (needed chicken feed and shavings - again!)

On the way to get hay for the gang:

 Just some old barns - they are almost on the road!

 The shed where we pick up the hay. There is a lock box inside where I deposit my six dollars:

 Hubby looking for the biggest bale:

 An outhouse - it's for sale!

 This hay wagon is full:

 A Victorian house in town:

 The leaves are starting to change:

 The township dog park:

 Some trailers:

These were filled with corn:

The crows and the geese will glean any leftover corn kernels: 

And back to Coopville and the damn deer!



  1. Oh, my, but that was fun! I just love going for a ride with you. :)