Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Night Steam

Found this wonderful video of freight being pulled by steam engines.
 Sit back, go to full screen and enjoy!
(and don't forget to turn up the volume!)

A compilation of clips of steam powered freight trains operating on preserved lines. We are fortunate that our preserved lines restore and operate the goods vehicles as often no revenue is earned from them, but they do give an excellent impression of how things used to be. Locos and locations in the video as follows;

'Vulcan' - Foxfield Railway
5542 - Winchcombe Tunnel - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
63395 - Darnholme - North Yorkshire Moors Railway
61264 - Burrs - East Lancashire Railway
78019 - Woodthorpe - Great Central Railway
7812 'Erlestoke Manor' - Hay Bridge - Severn Valley Railway
3850 - Splash Point - West Somerset Railway
4566 - Bewdley - Severn Valley Railway
44806 - Beck Hole - North Yorkshire Moors Railway
49395 - Burrs - East Lancashire Railway
90733 (as 90711) - Haworth - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
47406 - Quorn - Great Central Railway
4160 - Leigh Bridge - West Somerset Railway
61994 'The Great Marquess' - Esk Valley - North Yorkshire Moors Railway
825 - Water Ark - North Yorkshire Moors
78019 - Kinchley Lane - Great Central Railway
4566 - Bewdley - Severn Valley Railway
70013 'Oliver Cromwell' - Great Central Railway
8274 - Dixton - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
31806 - Oakamoor - Churnet Valley Railway
'Florence No.2' - Foxfield Colliery
90733 (as 90711) - Damens Loop - Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.



  1. Great collection of locomotives. I especially liked the one with two, pulling and pushing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Terry! Lots of great engines there! :o)

  2. I shut down my blog in case you hadn't noticed. I have more time to visit my friends blogs now. I love trains! I dad worked on trains!

    1. It's mighty hard to stop blogging, Mr. Rat! FNS is all about steam things, mostly trains, but sometimes other stuff I find while wandering around the webz. I bet your Dad had tons of great stories about the railroads! (bet they would make some interesting posts) :o)

  3. WOW!! I swear I can feel the ground shake under my chair!
    Aren't they beautiful!?!

    1. Oh, yest they are! Good thing I don't live near the tracks anymore - I would never get anything done around here! I'd be a-waiting for the sound of the trains!