Monday, September 5, 2016

Let's go for a ride!

Had a lot of errands to run a few days ago  - hop in the Jeepster and come along!

White ducks in a pond down the road:

 Some trees are starting to turn color already:

 The corn is REALLY high:

 Just a pretty tree covered hill:

 Gas is very inexpensive here in Joisey, - another station had it for $1. 82/9:

 I love this old farm house. It's been empty for years:

 A crooked gate:

 No traffic at all:

 A dirt road leading to a barn. There were cows in the back:

 Another old barn:

 The radio aerial on the Jeepster:   :o)

 Still no traffic:

 Headin' home:

It was a nice day with big puffy clouds......

 .... so Hubby decided to cut the lawn:

Thanks for joining us!



  1. Many moons ago when I was young and stupid, I hauled steel out of Perth Amboy. My recollections of NJ had to do with that time. I think that's one reason I love going for a ride with you. It is so much fun seeing that Joisey isn't all steel mills. :)

    1. Never fear Vicki - we will always stay in the country for our rides. Couldn't get me near any city now-a-days!

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    1. So glad you wanted to come along, Barb! :o)

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    1. Thanks, Gorges! Will be prettier here in a few weeks!

  4. Love to go on rides like this! Do you find old roses in abandoned farm yards to take cutting from?

    1. Gas is 2.45/gal here... for regular, if you pay cash...

    2. No, we don't Brig, because a lot of those old farms have so much garbage and weeds around them; plus we don't know if the wells there are covered or not. We do pick the blueberries from the side of the road, though. Seems everyone was growing them. They are easy to find because of their special, sweet aroma!

    3. I like your fuel prices! As we get closer to Winter, the price will rise again. We bought diesel when it was $1.63 - it will go up more than a dollar by then.