Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pic dump!

Boids on a wire:

 A nice mailbox:

The little airport about five miles from Coopville:

 A big cloud:

A flower garden that the sweetest elderly woman has. She lives at the other end of our road. Always makes me smile when I drive by!

 More clouds. I like 'em:

 Eggs for sale:

 Buffalo at Space Farms. We can hear them and all the wild animals at night.
 I enjoy listening to the wolves howl and the lions roar!

The best bakery in Joisey! 

A grasshopper. I really, really need to get a life....

 My neighbor gave me sunflowers! Lots and

 lots of sunflowers! One of my favorites!



  1. I love seeing all the pics. Me too. I love sunflowers - they are so improbable!

    Hope your day is joyous!

    Cap'n Jan

    1. Sunflowers always cheer me up. And you're right - they are improbable!
      She also had some called 'Teddy Bears" They are big and fluffy! :o)