Friday, September 16, 2016

Just an ordinary day...

A beautiful morning!

 Every five minutes the colors seem to change as the sun rises higher in the sky:

 It was chilly - I had to put a sweatshirt on!

Wilma and Betty are starting to explore their new home:

 They go everywhere together:

 Charlie and Maude in the yard. Still too many fights when they are all in the pen. :o(

 Still can't figure out which one is laying the little egg. Maude's is on the right:

The coop is a mess. Maude will not let the newbies on the roosting bar at night.  There is lots and lots of cackling and feathers flying when I put them in. As soon as it it totally dark, it gets very quiet. I think W & B sleep in the nesting boxes because there are always poopies in them. I just might have to put in another roosting bar. 

 Hubby is trying to dig out the stump from the tree he took down the other day.
It's a big one:

 After a couple of hours digging, he finally gave up for the day:

 A vulture flying way, way up:



  1. Don't you just hate it when animals behave as badly as humans?

    1. Maude is turning out to be pretty feisty. She won't let the new ones near Charlie. It's funny though, Laverne used to do the same to her!

  2. Chickens have their pecking order, just like cows, horses, dogs etc...

    1. Charlie is the king, Maude is the queen and Wilma and Betty are the servants! There is no blood being drawn - just pecks and feet. Charlie sleeps all night now - LOL!