Friday, September 30, 2016


Lots and lots of  'em! Such a homely bird,  but oh my, how the soar through the sky!
 I love to watch them!

These were circling Coopville! 

There must have been something dead in the woods.

These were on a house down the road from us:

Hubby kindly stopped so I could hop out of the Jeepster with my trusty camera!

 The geese are starting to gather in larger flocks now.  The ones that travel south will start going in a couple of weeks. 

Fall is here!



  1. Yes, the buzzards are certainly graceful! I enjoy watching them, too.

    1. They are wonderful birds, Gorges! So many people are creeped out by them, though. When they take off in the morning, all you hear is a big "swoosh' then silence!