Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oh the joys of new hens...

Hubby and I had to run to the store so that meant that Charlie and Maude could not be let out in the yard until we came back.  I let them all out in the pen for breakfast about 6:30 as it was light enough. Charlie and Maude came running out. Betty and Wilma did not. I threw some feed inside the coop and they just gobbled it up. (There is plenty of water for them in there, too.)

When we came back home, Charlie and Maude were pacing back and forth in the pen and just wanted out! Betty and Wilma were still inside. When I let the king and queen free, the newbies finally left the safety of the coop. Must have been a fun time while we were gone!

They sure are noisy!

To give them some extra room to run around, we put some deer netting over the run - this way they can scratch around there and in the pen and not fly out:

 Charlie is being mean - he bit poor Maude when I handed out treats:

 Maybe he thinks I'm paying too much attention the the new ones:

Maude's egg is on the right. Can't figure out if Wilma or Betty made the other one:

Checking to see if the coast is clear! Betty is first:

They are just so darn cute. Wilma will even let me pick her up! 

Everything will settle down in a week or two. A lot depends on how Charlie and Maude treat them.



  1. Replies
    1. Me, too! Glad they are here - getting spoiled already!

  2. Reminds me of the old Soap Operas...all the drama, intrigue, jealousy, sex and..."to be continued."

    As The Worm Turns

    1. Ha! Wonder if they are still on TV? My Aunt Tess would watch those things for hours back in the 50's!