Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Night Steam

How about an R/C steam powered racing car tonight?

 The Silberpfeil shows all features and the entire technic. Powered by a Stuart Sun steam engine*, driven by an I-Sobot robot with navigation system. And - soon coming - the new star in my next movie "Desert B 2 ½". Don´t miss it! Music by prallplatte. Btw: max speed in all-terrain 8 miles, on street 15 mph. Free fall from 1.000 yards max 150 m

RC Live Steam Racing Car Silberpfeil Auto Union


Published on Apr 11, 2012
My prototype of a Silberpfeil Auto Union with real live steam engine. No trick. Real speed. Music by Prallplatte. Full Version will follow sooner or later...



  1. A steampunk race car and a bonus robot. Wow!

    1. Isn't that a neat little car? I could play with that all day! :o)

  2. Very nice. I really enjoyed the under the hood video.
    The semi-monocoque construction looks great.
    (and I thought I would never get to use the word monocoque in a sentence!)

    1. LOL! We try not to disappoint, John! :o)

  3. Why - what an excellent gift, CM! Thank you! I shall look forward to it's arrival!!!


    Dunno if I am all that thrilled about butane as a fuel, though. I suppose that power/weight ratios will not be ignored though.

    Can you get me one of those in a multirotor drone too...?

    1. Was hoping you would see it! It's a good project for you during those long, cold Canadian winters. (Har-Har!) My dad had two little steam engines that ran on alcohol. Oldest son has them now and won't give them back to me. :o(