Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Three different kinds of it:

Maude is still looking for Laverne:

 I leave the coop open while they are in the yard. Maude went into every nest box

 looking for Laverne. It was kind of sad to watch her do that.

 Charlie is looking and calling for Maude:

 Both are searching for crickets. They only eat a little bit of feed in the morning, then hardly
 touch it the rest of the  day.

 Tons and tons of crickets this year. Don't know why we have so many of them.

The garden has been taken down. Just going to use pots on the deck next year.

Odd not seeing it there. We've had it for six years.

This is all the potatoes from the cinder blocks.  Farmers, we ain't!

Even though they were watered, the heat this summer was brutal. Oh well, it was fun growing them!



  1. Have you thought of raised bed gardening. It would be sort of a cross between a regular garden and pots on the porch, and no stooping.

  2. We have one raised bed, Gorges. The wild critters ate everything in it. Will put fencing around it next year.

    1. Sounds like the critters are a bigger nuisance than I imagined.

    2. Groundhogs, chippies, squirrels, bunnies, coons, skunks, possums and the damn deer. It's like a zoo here! :o)