Friday, September 27, 2013

Something Different

Nothing new to report on the activities in Coopville - things are just the same.  Thought you might like to see some feathered friends that pay a visit to our trees. These are some of the vultures that hang around all the time. In the fall when all the leaves are off the trees, they roost near the house.
One night I counted 28 of them. It's amazing to watch them glide through the branches without getting hurt. They roost all night and then sun themselves in the early morning before they go off looking for treasures on the road. Just like chickens, they squabble for the best spot. The sound they make is like a long grunt. They don't build nests in the trees like other birds, but use a barn loft or an empty silo. They never, ever bother the chickens and the chickens are not afraid of them when they walk on the ground. Hawks and eagles however, are another story...



  1. Yeah, but let one of those chicken DIE! ;-)

    1. Then I'll just gently place it under one of the trees - would save me the trouble of digging a hole! :0)