Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh Happy Day...Not

Early morning. I walk into the pen and take Amos and Andy out of the chick hutch so they can eat first. Go into the coop and get Charlie. Then Goldie. I let them eat. They don't bother A & A.

I let the rest out......Oscar goes after them first and then Ethel. The little ones run back to the hutch and Oscar follows  and starts to fight and bite them. Evil Ethel joins in. I grab Oscar and Ethel and lock Amos and Andy in the hutch. Oscar bites me again. And scratches my arm, drawing blood.


 Lucy keeps on eating and Nina goes back in the coop. Charlie and Goldie escape to the run so I lock that gate.  With all the racket you would think there were a hundred in there.

This ain't wokring out at all................

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