Sunday, September 15, 2013

Learning A Lesson...

I am so glad that I found a home for Oscar and Nina. They will share a pen and shed with mini goats and a small donkey. And they will eat well too. The owner lets the kids feed the animals vegetables and corn. What he does with them after the stand closes I don't want to know about. I hope he brings them back to his farm along with the donkey and goats. I hope.

Fruit and vegetable stand

In a way I felt guilty because in the excitement of bringing Nina and Oscar home, I didn't think about how they would fit in with Ethel and Lucy. All I saw were two cute little chickens. And I wanted them just because they were so cute. All those expensive books that I had bought were mostly wrong about introducing new chickens to the flock. Their suggestions just did not work with mine.  And I tried to make it work. I really, really did.

Told dear husband  that I will be a lot wiser next time - He looked down at me and said "Wadda you mean - next time?" Silly man. Can't he see that I am joking?  Right?

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