Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Who wants some snow???

Even BW up in Alberta doesn't want it! What Canadian doesn't love snow????? Eh???

 Piled along the driveway:

 Walking back up from the mailbox:


Hubby cleaning snow out of the gutters:

I let the gang out for a bit yesterday. Only Wilma didn't come out. I guess she remembered her disastrous flying adventure from the other day!

We had ice over the layers of snow - that's how it sounds when you walk around Coopville!


......... only 33 days 'till SPRING!!!!!!!!



  1. YUP!! Us too...lots of old snow, but melting. S'posed to get ice rain today, tho.

    Had a ton of frozen snow/ice slide off the roof on the north side, hit a faucet that was cold protected below the ground, but sticking up and covered above...snapped it right off. Spewed! Hubby had to shut off the main, rummage around in his big collection of stuff for pipe and whatever else he needed (his shop is a veritable hardware store) and fixed it. Next, the heating element in the 37 yr old clothes dryer went out. (Yeah, 1987'd make a good commercial for them.) Went down to the city and got a new one, came home, installed it, and I'm back in business again.

    The trash truck was finally able to get up here and pick up this town's trash after a week's wait too.

    Yeah SPRING!! Maybe after the ice rain is finished...

    1. Why do things always happen in Winter? Our dryer is from 1979 - it came with the house - I rarely use it though. LOL on the trash - we went to the 'dump' today - will post the pics on Friday. Winter is sooo hard isn't it? Spring, Spring! And I promise to try and NOT complain about the MUD!

    2. Yeah...the MUD! Ice rain all day yesterday, more is expected for today.

    3. Was 12 degree last night but warmed up to 40 today! Yippie!

  2. Replies
    1. Don't you like the pretty snow, Gorges???? LOL! o)

  3. LOL BW and I (In Alberta) have enough snow! Although it is now a chinook so it's a slushy mess.

    1. Then you and BW definitely need more of the white stuff to cover up all the mud! :o)

    2. I am north of Jenn and BW in Edmonton. It is a mess up here as well. Consider your snow a gift from us lol.

    3. I previously lived in Edmonton for twenty years. You can keep the snow and Edmonton.

    4. Thank you for the gitf Gerald(But PLEASE don't send anymore!! :o)
      BW wants some, though....