Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wack-a-do weather

Monday was just a wonderful day to be outside.....


.... even though there was still some snow around:

A beautiful blue sky (haven't seen THAT too often!):

Hubby made a fire:

Charlie keeping an eye on his girls:

Finally being able to dig in some leaves. The gang really enjoyed being out!

And the day ended with a pretty sunset!

Yesterday we had freezing rain - everything was covered in ice. Today it's supposed to warm up to the low 50's and then have 6-9 inches of snow overnight!

If  'ya don't like the weather here in Joisey, just wait for five minutes - it will change!



  1. We are having the same goofy weather here - cold, then freezing rain, then warmer into the 40's, then snow. Wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!
    Love watching the girls scratch in the leaves. Reminds me of that dance called the Charleston from the 20's. :)

    1. Local weather guru now said we are going to get a foot of snow... wish they would make up their minds. It's so relaxing watching the gang just doing what they were made to do. Some people would be surprised how much they would really enjoy having them around. LOL on the dancing -I would probably trip trying to do that one now! :o)

  2. It's been an interesting winter. I'm just afraid things will bud out too early.

    1. Some of the maples started running sap last week - not good.