Friday, February 3, 2017

A crazy weather day!

The clouds cleared up early in the morning and it looked like it would turn into a beautiful day!

There was a hawk flying with the vultures - Charlie spotted it and warned the girls!

 more clouds moving in:

 Some dark ones:


 It didn't last long, but it sure did make some funny "snow shadows":

 I t looked so weird!

 Almost every tree had one!

 And even the deck table!

The sun trying to get through the clouds:

Charlie on the wet deck:

 The girls in their dirt box:



  1. Cool! I've never seen snow shadows like those.

    1. Aren't they neat? They melted quickly, though!

  2. Neither have I. Must have been colder in the shadow, that's why it stuck. Thank you for taking the trouble to photograph it.
    Poor Charlie, each step looks like a trial. Step, ooh, step ooch, step I hate this!
    Goinjg from Cairns, Far North Queensland down to Gympie by train, yay!. Near Tin Can Bay and behind Frazier Island. The trip will take 24 hours and I am in hopes that the rain hasn't washed out the tracks and cancels the trip. That happens this time of the year, so I am taking a real punt that I will at least get there. If I get stuck down there it's OK.
    Earlier this evening I was out on my balcony watching the beauty of it all. Blue sky, a few puffy white clouds like meringue and this magic rainbow. Alas I don't have your talent with a camera, it would have made a fabulous photo. The only thing that was missing was a Unicorn, that's how cliche' the image was.

    1. Glad I saw them before they melted away - always something new to see in Coopville. The homes on the other side of the road didn't have them. I hope you get to have a wonderful train trip - love the name 'Tin Can Bay'! Send me pics and I'll post 'em!