Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wack-a-do weather : Part 2

Yesterday was a roller coaster weather day!

 Woke up to dense fog....

 .... but there was still ice everywhere!

As it started to warm up, you could hear the ice on the trees crackle and fall * turn your speakers up a wee bit)

 Just an odd morning!

 The coyotes started howling - unusual to hear them in the morning - they were close by!

 The fog cleared and the temperature went up ....

.... and kept rising until mid afternoon!

 When I went put the gang in for the night, it had really fallen:

 The moon was out - hard to believe we are supposed to get a blizzard today....

I cleaned the coop and pen and packed it with fresh hay and shavings so they will be nice and warm!


Might get a foot of wet snow. I hope the electric holds out. If not, we have the generator!



  1. Philly announced late last night that the schools were closed. If you think a child is happy to get a snow day, you should see the reaction of one's schoolteacher spouse!

    1. I bet your day was delightful!! Of course we NEVER had snow days when we were kids.....

  2. Do your chickens freak out when they hear the wolves howling?

    1. There are wolves at Space Farms which is only a little over a mile away - we hear them howl all the time, but it doesn't bother the gang at all.
      It really is a lovely sound! The coyotes "yip" more than howl. They run through our property all the time - same with the foxes.

  3. Wow, weird weather all over. Hope the snow isn't much as they say.

    1. It's always more than they say we are going to get.... sigh.....