Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yesterday started with....

..... the moon still in the sky when I let the gang out for breakfast:

 It was truly a perfect Fall day! The temperature dropped to 55 around 2:30, though:


 Hubby removing a branch that fell down when it was raining the other day:

 Betty's silly face:

 One of the girls is picking at Charlie's neck feathers - I can see a bald spot:



 Old Maude - she's getting  fat:

 Hubby giving the backhoe a bath:

Maude and Betty preening their feathers.
 (Wilma was taking a dust bath near the coop):

Had to beleive it's the middle of November and the weather is soooo mild! But I'm not complaining!



  1. Fall can sure be pretty, and there are pleasures to be found in it.
    But, like Spring, it's always tapping one on the shoulder, reminding us of what's to come - soon...very soon.
    28 degrees here this a.m.

    1. Supposed to be nice for the next few days (washing all the throw rugs, now) but, Sunday it's a gonna change - COLD!

  2. Do you have a favourite out of the flock?

    1. Each one is different. Wilma is just as dumb as a pile of rocks, but is so very, very sweet. Betty is very friendly and jumps in my lap. Maude is the queen and bosses the new ones around. Charlie is my favorite although I can not pick him up. He'll be six in May. All of them follow me around like puppies when I'm out in the yard.