Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Paying taxes

Some of the sights along the way to see the tax collector:

Another dairy farm for sale:

 Twin silos:

 Landscapers blowing leaves:

Another barn and silo:

 These trees were just beautiful!

 Where we are relieved of our money:

 Some houses in town with fall decorations:

 Pumpkins are very popular!

Just a nice view:

 Crows chasing that damn hawk:

 Charlie had a fit! The hawk flew low over the pen. Charlie sounded a warning and the hens ran for the coop. He stayed and guarded the entrance to the pen for quite a while. He's all huffy and puffy here and I bet he would have attacked that hawk if it had tried to get one of his girls!

Good boy, Charlie!



  1. Just paid the 2nd half of our prop tax too.

    Hey, three cheers for Charlie The Fierce!
    Way to go, boy!

    1. When you own your own hope free and clear, it ain't really yours... :o(

  2. I just paid the first payment for this go of property taxes.(after the tax collector readjusted it because Dad's lawyer didn't file one form) So thankful I caught it in time.

    Charlie knows his job! Beautiful country! What does a place like the dairy sell for in your area?

  3. We finally are old enough and have been here long enough to get our land tax rate frozen. That helps. New Jersey has a really high tax rate, but it is lower here than the rest of the state. Our old home is now over $12,000 a year! Farms here go for $425,000 to over 3 million. Depends on how much land and the condition of the house and out buildings. Lots of the older dairy farmers want to retire, so a good deal could be made, I'm sure!
    Here are some of the nicer ones: