Monday, November 21, 2016

Saturday was an .....

.... unbelievable Fall day! Sunny and really, REALLY warm/ Almost laughed when the township issued a Winter Weather Advisory! But this time they were right - by 2:30 the temperature had dropped 20 degrees and kept falling! Hubby check out the house generator just in case.

 During the night, the wind started to howl. Hubby and I thought we were going to lose some tree limbs!

 Not a lot of snow, but it was bitter cold out there! And still very windy.

 Decided to go for a ride and get the Sunday Snarky news. The trusty camera in tow:

 Only the grass and dirt fields were covered, but it was pretty!

 Didn't seem to bother the ducks and geese at all:

 I wish this pic came out better - deep colored red leaves against the snow:

 Sunrise Mountain was all covered:

 We always smile when we pass this garage:

 Just a nice new barn:

 And an older one:

Had snow squalls all day and the temps stayed in the 20's. Today should be nicer!
 I can do without that dang wind!



  1. The wind always gets to me. Some folks can take it, but it will give me an ear ache every time if I don't get them covered.

    1. Same here, Gorges. Solved my problem - bought a pair of nice fuzzy earmuffs. Works wonders! (but looks silly!)

  2. I don't like the wind either, with trees so close to the old house.
    We got a light dusting of snow Saturday too. Not nearly as much as you got tho, and it melted away an hour later.

    1. Still windy here this morning - I'm tired of it!