Monday, November 7, 2016

The weather has been beautiful for the last few days. Spent a lot of time outside and running back and forth to the stores. Forgot the camera on some of the trips - of course there were tons of neat stuff to see. When will I EVER learn???

Anyhoo... the trees in the front of Coopville are almost bare now:

 Except this one by the corral:

 Cows grazing in a field:

 The sun shining on some golden colored leaves:

 The hill top is almost all bare now:

 Charlie's new neck feathers - one of the girls is pulling them out because I can see the new, white fluffy ones all over the pen:

 Looked up at the sky in the early afternoon and saw the moon:

The local Acme supermarket had a crazy sale for two days. Hubby and I went twice. The first day if you spent $100.00 in one order you could get up to a 22 pound turkey. Free. Spent $103.68 on Saturday and stocked up on only what was on sale and really needed. Yesterday we went back and picked up some more stuff and our free turkey.. I watch those price scanners like a hawk when checking out. Good thing, too. They had those little bags of pepperoni on sale if you buy two. They rang up at the regular price. Went to the courtesy desk and they refunded my money PLUS gave me the two bags free and an extra $5.00! Whoo-hoo!



  1. Acme??? What, no free anvil?

    Did you make up the store name just to get Wile E. Coyote to comment?

    1. LOL! Nope - that IS the name of the supermarket chain here. They bought up a lot of the A&P and Pathmark grocery stores. Will have to go to Tractor and get that anvil! :o)

  2. Such a thrifty shopper you are, Cuz! Makin' a penny do the work of two, with a free turkey thrown in for good measure...with pepperoni, yet!

  3. It almost made me like to go shopping again! :o)