Tuesday, November 22, 2016


(The wind has still been howling - internet service is spotty here in Coopville)

Maude looking for something to eat - she does looked starved doesn't she? LOL!

 Hubby checking out the snowblower for when we really get some of the white stuff:

 Begging (again) for a treat:

 Spot the crow:

 All lined up waiting for their oatmeal:

 Another pretty sunset - have been getting lucky with them!

Watch the girls run to Charlie when he calls them as he pretends to find a goodie!



  1. I didn't have a rooster, but I did have the boss hen, and she would do the same as Charlie... Fun to watch them, thanks for posting. Beautiful sunset by the way.

    1. Charlie will do anything to keep the ladies near him! :o)