Friday, November 18, 2016

Pic dump!

Just some sights around Coopville:

Two of the girls up on the deck:

 Wilmas sees her reflection in the glass. She wasn't impressed:

 A pretty red leaf:

 One of the neighbor's horses looking for a treat:

 View of the barn from back in the woods:

 A gold colored leaf among all the brown ones:

 Hubby discovered this tree had fallen down in the back:

 I think the woodpeckers like this one:

Just one of the many rows of wood Hubby has split and stacked:

 Wilma and Betting coming out of the barn - no goodies in there for them!

 And finally, a pretty sunset:



  1. Replies
    1. The colors are amazing sometimes, Gorges. Always a joy to see!

  2. Are you guys totally on wood heat, CM?

    1. Mostly, Glen. Only use the oil heat for when it's bitterly cold for days and days. We have electric baseboard heat too, but we have never used it.

  3. Home, Sweet Home!
    Whisper my name to that horse next time you treat him...

    1. Saw her yesterday, and I did! (and an extra carrot)!