Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random pics

Didn't let the gang out of the pen yesterday - it was a day filled with clouds, wind and drizzle. So here are some other pics from my photo folder:

 Sunrise on Sunrise Mountain: (It's a good name for it!)

 The only time I can enjoy this view is when the leaves are gone:

 Heavy frost on the garage roof...

 ... it was cold that morning:

 These clouds were hanging very low, it seemed you could almost touch them:

 The sun trying so hard to get through:

 Neat "popcorn" clouds:

 They only lasted a couple of minutes and then the sky cleared:

 Hopefully the sun will come out today and I can let the gang play in the leaves again!



  1. I love your cloud pictures. I don't think we have had a morning quite that cold as yet, but soon...

    1. One of the pure joys of retirement - time for cloud gazing! :o)