Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

Today is going to be the turning point for the United States. Today we will either flourish anew or spiral into another globalist, socialist country. We are at this point in our history not because we are a bad peoples, but because we are getting too lazy. We don't take enough interest even in our local politics. We let someone else do that for us. And we don't pay attention. Not at all. That is our biggest mistake.

We have one final chance to make it right. This is it. You know it and I know it.

We cannot let our grandchildren fight a war to get back what we threw away.

When you leave your home today to vote, please ask a neighbor if they would like to come along with you. Two votes for freedom are better than one.

We must also demand that our representatives follow the laws of our Constitution. And if they don't,  there will be dire, harsh consequences. No one is immune from the law. No one.


  1. Indeed. We have a conference call, then off to the polls...

    I am also proud to say that I hang up on pollsters. I think a lot of people do. I suppose I am paranoid, but I do believe that you are 'tracked'. Given that our cell phones are track us perfectly, am I really paranoid? Well. I hope that a lot of us have hung up on pollsters... This election means everything.

    Well, we do hope for the best, whatever the results...

    The Captain!

  2. Good Morning, All! We did it - our voices were heard!