Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flowers of Coopville

Nothing is really landscaped here. It needs it though. Maybe some day. But there are flowers about. Some are hidden among the green weeds and grass and others I planted. The deer ate a lot of them,

 There are a few peonies scattered about.

 The geraniums were a gift for Mother's Day.

 Although there are several iris plants in the little stone garden, this is the only one that
 has bloomed so far.

 This one will open soon - they are so pretty!

 Don't know where this littler fern came from, but he can stay!

More iris. This is by the deck stairs. Some people cut them and bring them in the house. I like to look at them outside instead.

 Just gotta have chicken pics. That's Sophia pecking at the camera:

 Laverne and Shirley laying in the cool grass. Charlie is guarding them. He still sounds congested.


  1. Loved the white peonies are about done blooming.but my pink ones have just started. Peonies and Irises are my two faves :))

    1. My roses haven't bloomed yet - They are my favorites.

  2. The dandelions have exploded into bloom here. If only there was a market for them.

    1. Get a couple of chickens - they love 'em! Or you an make tea with the new flower petals. Add a sprig of mint leaves. Very tasty!