Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just the usual stuff..

 Not much going on.  They came for a visit when I went down to the mailbox and left their calling cards. Had to wash the deck down AGAIN:

Laverne, looking in the window

Waiting for treats


No way to avoid the mud - he had to walk through it!

Still have piles of snow.

I hope we don't get any more!

Still seems odd only to have 4 chickens. I miss Ethel. But there is no more fighting or feathers flying. Charlie is going to need at least another hen. His favorite right now is Laverne and she is really starting to get bald....


  1. I remember one year that they had huge piles of snow in the parking lots in town that lasted into May!

    1. I think it is going to another year like that one, Gorges. More snow for us Wednesday into Thursday.
      At least the ski areas up here will have a banner season.