Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Garden preps

Since all the snow has melted out out the fenced in garden, Charlie and the girls enjoying spending a hour or two in there everyday. I just scatter some Cheerios or other treats and they happily scratch and dig! The whole garden will be put to the rotor-tiller at the end of April or mid May. All the chicken poop, hay, leaves and grass clippings that have been in the compost pile from last year will be put to good use.

 Of course, it's off limits when the tomatoes, peas, beans and peppers get planted!

The cinder blocks surrounding the outside of the fence are used for planting my potatoes. I don't know why, but the deer never seem to bother with them.


  1. The squash and the radishes are already sprouting out here.

    1. That's great, CW! Here the ground is still frozen under the top layer of mud - in another month and a half, we will be able to start. Can't wait...