Thursday, December 24, 2015

This 'n That

Every weekend before Christmas the local volunteer fire department goes around with Santa to give out candy treats to the kids

There used to be several families that had small children come out to greet Santa. A lot of them have moved out of the area during this past year. Wonder if they will still do it next year.

Neighbor's horse taking a nice roll in the dirt. It's been so warm here - just like Spring!

 A flok of geese heading South - they must be from Canada!

The fog was terrible yesterday morning - this is right before I let the gang out:

Charlie has a cold. He's sneezing a lot (and resting in the coop where it is dry) but is eating like a horse. I think the girls are glad to get a break from him! Laverne laid another egg. It was just a regular sized one. She was very proud of herself - she cackled for about 5 minutes to let everyone know!



  1. The sunshine looked pretty; the fog - not so much.

    1. The sunshine was last week, Gorges - it's been raining here now for a few days. Mud is everywhere! It's 67 right now!