Friday, December 4, 2015

Cleaning day

After two days of rain, it finally stopped yesterday. It was still cloudy, windy and chilly and I wore my winter jacket and gloves.

 The pen and the run were muddy, poopie messes. I had to shovel three loads like this. 
Wet hay is very heavy, by the way....

 After it was all cleaned out and fresh hay put down, Shirley was the first one to go
 back in. She does not like to get her feet wet. The rest of the gang stayed under the deck.

 Hubby got the tractor out to cart away the poop bin ( it did not smell very nice).  Even Sophia did not want to go in it!

 Soon the others walked back to the pen. I guess it was still to wet for them out in the yard.
Or maybe they noticed the treat feeder was full...

By the time I finished, the sun finally came out - I hope it stays dry for a few days, at least!


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