Thursday, December 3, 2015

A neat find

Hubby was trying to dig out a stump the other day:

 While using the shovel around the tree, he hit metal...

 ... and found this:

Looks at though it was part of an old plow. This place was all farmland a long time ago.

When we first moved here, we found an oxen yoke buried about two feet down by the rock wall in the back, but it was just so damaged it couldn't be repaired. Darn! It would have looked  pretty cool mounted on the side of the barn!


We've found arrow heads, hand forged nails, barbed wire and horse shoes and even the 
stone walls of an old root cellar. 

Wonder what we'll find next year?



  1. How very COOL!! Our place is old wheat growing ground, house built in 1906. We have found square headed nails and old pieces of glass, but nothing that neat.

    Nice find!

    1. Bet there is lots of good stuff buried around your house like glass jars, utensils etc! I'd love to have a metal detector, too!