Sunday, May 18, 2014

Poultry Show

Hubby and I went to the  Spring poultry show at the Sussex County Fairgrounds yesterday. (They will have another one in the fall.) There was also a horse show and a fishing derby going on:

But we came for the chickens. I wanted to get two more hens.

Honestly, once of these days I'm going to learn how to use this camera......

They had a few nice coops for sale, but way too expensive:

I was surprised on how few different breeds there were. Lots and lots of roosters (I wonder why?)

These are called "Naked Neck" chickens and they ARE adorable!

A broody hen sitting on an egg she just laid:

This goose was quite vocal!

A tom turkey :

And fluffy ducks:

Didn't see anything that I was willing to pay good money for, but it was a fun couple of hours!


  1. Can't believe you went home empty handed....

    1. I know, but nothing there really caught my eye - maybe because they were so expensive. Baby chicks were five dollars apiece. I'll try again at their fall show!