Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chicken Roundup

Yesterday was a windy, damp, rainy day. Just plain miserable.

At 6 o'clock I let them out because Charlie wouldn't shut up - maybe he was hungry or he wanted to chase the girls - You just never know with him. It rained all day but around 7:30 in the evening the rain let up a little bit, so I let them out while I cleaned all the poop out of the pen and the run.

Just got that all finished and the heavy rain started up again. I rounded them up and scooted them back to the pen to put them away for the night. I had no problem with the girls, but Charlie didn't want to go back. So I got the broom just to "guide" him in the right direction. He ran straight for the back of my legs!

Bad Charlie!

Now you gotta picture this:

Rain, mud, boots loaded with chicken poop, an old lady soaking wet wearing an NRA cap chasing a damn rooster with a broom all over the backyard.

Thank God Hubby couldn't find the camera.........


  1. Hubby needs a camera of his own...tho you discribed it pretty well ;))

    1. He has an old one, Mamahen, but it needs film - I got lucky this time! :o)

  2. Your yard is very pretty ...dogwoods... love Spring

    1. Thank you! There are 5 older dogwoods in the front by the stone wall. They are so pretty. All have white blossoms - would like some pink ones some day!